Zeb V. Alford, III - Shooting Guard, Raleigh, NC

Zeb's love for the game of basketball began around the age of 3, and has remained pure and indubitable ever since. It's not the accolades that drive him; he finds pleasure in: the smell of fresh leather on a new ball; the sound of a dribble on the hardwood; and the joy of completing shot, after shot, after shot. Basketball stirs Zeb's blood every day.

When most seniors are about to throw in their sports towels, Zeb remains excited and driven at the prospect of how much better he will be at 18, 19, 20, 21, and beyond. Yes, there are millions of kids and adults who love--really LOVE-- basketball. There are, however, only those rare few who exist to play basketball; whose personality and identity are embedded in basketball. Many people grow up playing basketball and remain a fan, but far less develops a truly genuine, deep, and everlasting love affair with basketball.

Athletic Achievements:

  • Broughton High School Tennis: Most Improved
  • Oak Park Tennis Club: Captain. Played #1. Record 28 W. 6 L
  • Broughton High School JV Basketball. Cap 8, back-to back Championships.
    (The school's only perfect season in 83 years.)
  • AAU Basketball: Heat. Triangle Flight. Garner Road.
  • National Free Throw Champion. 197 of 200 in the finals.
    Adwarded a Plaque in The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame
  • 3 City-Wide, RPD Basketball Club Championships:
    -2 All Star Team Selections-
  • Free Throw Champion, 3 Years Running: Roy Williams/UNC-CH Basketball Camp
  • Best Defensive Player : Campbell University Basketball Camp
  • Martin Middle School: Athlete of the Year. Letters in Football, Basketball, Track

Zeb Alford Workout Mix - 2013

Zeb Wins National Free Throw Shooting Contest

Raleigh teen wins national free throw contest
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In 2009, Zeb Alford brought another national championship trophy back to North Carolina in the 12-13 age group. In the longest and most dramatic contest in history, Zeb made 23 of 25 to tie three other boys. After all was said and done, Zeb had taken an additional 75 tie breaking shots. He converted 74 of the 75 extra, while the runner up made 73. Zeb converted 97 of 100 for the day. In the previous four levels, he made 98 out of 100 to finish all 5 levels at 195 of 200. Not too bad.

Zeb was sponsored by Raleigh lodge #735 and has his name inscribed on a plaque in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfeld, Massachusetts.

As NC State Director of the National Free Throw Shooting Contest, it was an honor to watch Zeb Alford conduct himself in such a classy manner. On his way to winning the national championship in his age category, he exhibited a competitive spirit, discipline and very importantly good sportsmanship.

- Ron Dickson

Zeb's 2013 Photoshoot


Zeb on Service, Leadership, and Performance:

How I am involved in service in my community and why these efforts are important to me:

I currently volunteer hours at my local recreation center assisting in scorekeeping of basketball games for 6-8 year olds. I believe that giving back is the most selfless thing anyone can do. You rarely receive thanks for it, but the sense of self pride is better than any slap on the back. Sports have done so much for me; I just want to ensure that other children get that same opportunity.

One example of how I have demonstrated leadership on and off the court:

On the court, I always give my all. My family instilled in me that the best way to get your peers to follow you is by example, not just words. Off the court, I push myself in the classroom to always be at the top of my class.

I graduated with honors and was one of 26 Seniors to be inducted into the 2013 Service Club. The Service Club (service to others) is the highest non-academic honor that a student can earn at Broughton High School.

How I pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete:

In the off-season, many athletes get into trouble. In my off season, I always set goals for my areas of weakness. I want to attack those weak areas and make them areas of strengths. I also maintain a very healthy lifestyle which allows me to improve. I maintain a very small but close circle of friends that share my love of sports and high achievement.

I never want to forget the most important part of being a student-athlete, which is student.